Primary station consists of a Kenwood 570DG feeding a variety of dipoles and end fed wires.  Also have a Yaesu FT-817, FT-897 and an Elecraft KX1.
Field station deployed using my battle scarred Buddipole, MP-1 vertical or whatever length of wire I may have on hand.
When in the shack the rig will often sit on or near 10.106-116 or 7.030-40 listening for lonely QRP stations.

"The Voice of Victory 1944"

Follow me to watch a three-part Signal Corps training film about
the SCR-694, BC-1306 field radio

2010 QRP Portable - QTH San Diego's Balboa Park

2016 ARRL Field Day Portable - Undisclosed Location in Northern Virginia

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    A quick read about Cowles Mountain    



Proudly pounding the brass for...Countup

1980 ARRL Official Observer Report for Poor Operation
One of my proudest Novice op moments while running a drifty Heathkit HW-16

1980 ARRL OO Report 

"ARRL Straight Key Night 2009" by N0TU (now WG0AT)
This is an absolutely delightful 10 minute video.

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